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Sydney based Producer/Musician Sean Rudd is the Director of Peppertone Productions. Established as a leading bass player in the Australian Country Music scene, Sean is a seasoned member of the industry, performing and touring extensively with a multitude of high-profile artists, both Internationally and Australia-wide. His diverse experience across a wide selection of musical genres has enabled him to develop a unique, refreshing and world-class approach to his productions.

Sean’s expertise, passion and experience combine to create exciting and cutting-edge recordings within an innovative, creative and supportive framework.

At Peppertone Productions, we extend past the traditional notion of merely recording songs; we encompass engaging on a deep musical level with our artists to assist with formulating a direction and niche within the market for your product.

Not only does our studio facility enjoy state-of-the-art recording equipment, but we endeavor to utilise these tools as a vehicle to create a truly original and defined product.

At Peppertone Productions, we distinguish ourselves through the highly supportive role that we adopt to ensure that you are supplied with the best advice possible, to secure a flourishing future within the industry. Our friendly and helpful team will guarantee that your recording experience is enjoyable and stimulating.

Peppertone Productions is situated in Level 7 studios in the heart of Sydney.

The studio is one of Sydney’s leading premises and has hosted the talents of. This inspiring environment has and continues to capture magic.

Level 7 Studios
301 Castlereagh St